Watercolour painting classes at Pegasus Art - class information.

Monday 10am - 12.15

If you are interested please contact Pegasus Art to book your place on 01453 886560 or
contact me. The 6 week course is £96.

My whole approach to teaching painting in watercolours is to keep it as simple as possible. It is only by this apparent and simplistic approach that confidence can be gained quickly in understanding how the medium works, but the main priority is to have fun, and we do have fun!
I provide all materials for the painting classes so if you are trying out the medium of watercolours for the first time you don't have to outlay unnecessary money until you know exactly what is needed. You would be surprised how little equipment you need for watercolours. In the studio at Pegasus, particularly during the winter months we work from photographs. In the summer we get out as much as is practical and comfortable having, of course, the most wonderful countryside on our doorstep. Visits in winter are made to churches (interiors) and in summer to private gardens and houses. We even had an exclusive visit to one of the Livery Halls in London to paint a block of salt.

I carry in one jacket pocket everything for creating an 'en plein air' watercolour and that includes 11” x 8” 200lb paper (I do carry a drawing board) mounted onto thick card, a folding no. 10 brush, F pencil, India rubber (just in case!) and a 5" x 3" metal paint box with 12 colours and two fold out mixing trays. The water is carried in a 35mm plastic film canister, quite enough for at least two pictures, oh yes and tissues for cleaning the brush, NOT for dabbing out clouds! That's it and your off!

The photos below show me teaching in:
  1. Isle of Wight
  2. Elba, Italy
  3. Corfu
  4. Isle of Wight

teaching iowtop of steps sketchingCorfuSeaview group